The Federal Government’s Child Support Guidelines or Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are available online and they can give a general idea about support levels.

However, they are general guidelines only and do not deal with many important issues such as entitlement to support nor can they deal with the particular circumstances of your case.

So it is important in most cases to have specific advice on your particular situation. We can help you with this whether you are getting individual legal advice or are participating in family mediation or collaborative family law processes.

Working Out the Details

When you meet with me, we will have a detailed discussion about all the factors relating to entitlement, an appropriate amount of support and the duration of support for your situation including some of the following:

  • What’s included in income? The answer is not always straightforward. Pensions, bonuses, RRSPs and options are just some of the sources of income that may or may not be included.
  • What about abnormally high or low income, or unsteady income? If your work is seasonal or depends on factors outside your control, a reasonable income for support purposes will have to be determined.
  • What about special expenses for children? These may include extraordinary expenses for special education or coaching, as well as medical expenses.
  • What about special circumstances? If you have adult children with disabilities or educational needs, you may still need to work out support for them.
  • How do parenting (custody) arrangements influence child support?
  • Long or short marriages — Is support calculated differently?
  • Marriage contracts — What if you decided to forego spousal support in a marriage contract, but your circumstances have changed drastically since then?
  • Age and illness — How do age and illness of the payor or recipient influence support?
  • Property division — How does property division influence support?
  • Hidden income — What if one spouse is hiding income?
  • Duration — How long will support last after the separation?
  • New relationships — Will a new relationship influence support amounts?

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