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Family law doesn’t just deal with separation and divorce; it covers any matters that have to do with the family including pre-marriage and common-law relationships, elder mediation and grandparent rights and obligations.

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As a trained mediator and family law lawyer, I can help you in the following areas:

Grandparents’ Rights

Although much of family law deals with the relationships between children and their parents, grandparents are also important. Sometimes they are cut out of their grandchildren’s lives because of estrangement with their own children, or because of a separation. Sometimes they are concerned about their grandchildren’s safety and fear abuse or neglect.

Although in Ontario the legal rights of grandparents are somewhat limited, negotiation or mediation can offer a respectful way of dealing with issues involving the welfare of children.

Elder Mediation

As our population ages, family members often express concerns about their elderly relatives’ health, mental health and capacity and ability to take care of themselves. Sometimes these concerns turn into family disputes. The elderly may also be vulnerable to emotional and financial exploitation and abuse, by strangers and by family, which may also lead to disputes.

As a family mediator with extensive experience as well as training in elder issues, I can help you. We will focus on the elderly person’s independence and emotional and financial safety, working toward a resolution that respects the elder person’s rights while still helping the family care for their loved one and keeping him or her safe, and preserving family relationships as much as possible.

Organizational Disputes and General Mediation

Mediation is not just useful in family relationships; it can also be used in other settings, such as with organizational and community disputes. As an accredited mediator for over 25 years, and a lawyer with extensive experience in the field, I am able to help people manage their conflicts in order to come up with creative and practical outcomes uniquely suited to the situation.

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