Whether you are beginning or ending a relationship, a family law agreement is a binding legal document that needs to be negotiated, drafted and signed with great care.

These contracts set out the rights and obligations of unmarried and married couples going forward.

We can guide you through all aspects of family law contracts in family mediation or collaborative family law.

Separation agreements are drawn up before or after a separation and cover all the legal matters that a separating couple must deal with, including property division, arrangements for the children, child and spousal support and any other topic that is important to the couple in question.

Marriage and cohabitation contracts — sometimes called prenuptial contracts — often deal with the protection of property brought into the relationship and other property and sometimes support expectations in the event of a separation. These agreements can, if carefully drafted, save a lot of conflict later on. It can be like an insurance policy: you hope you never have to use it, but if you ever need it, it may save you a great deal of heartache. It can also be better to make many of those kinds of decisions when you are both in a positive and respectful frame of mind.

We can:

  • provide information about rights and obligations on separation with respect to the children, support and property division including the matrimonial home
  • help you negotiate agreements that suit your family and that work for all
  • work to help you build in flexibility to deal with possible future changes in your situation
  • make sure that you thoroughly understand what you are signing
  • provide Independent Legal Advice (ILA)

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