How to Choose — Family Mediation or CFL?

There are some similarities between Family Mediation and Collaborative Family Law (CFL):

  • Values of respect and cooperation.
  • Focus on interests of the parties, not positions.
  • Focus on issues, not personalities.
  • Efficient.
  • It depends on the case, but they usually take weeks/months, not years.
  • In my practice, lawyers are necessary in both processes.
  • Both processes may be multidisciplinary — they may involve the assistance of other professionals when necessary such as child experts and mental health professionals to deal with the needs of the children and family dynamics, financial planners, valuators for real estate or pensions, etc.

And there are differences:

  • In CFL, the lawyers play a more central role:
    • Lawyers are present at all meetings.
    • They manage the process.
  • In Family Mediation, the lawyers play an essential role but they are in the background as advisors and consultants when necessary.

For most people, the decision is based on how much you want your lawyer involved in the work to be done (collecting and organizing information about the relationship and the family finances, the negotiations, etc.). If you have any questions about this, please contact me (John Goodwin) for assistance.

For a more detailed comparison summary of these and other dispute resolution processes, please see the comparison chart.

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