By John Goodwin of John G. Goodwin, Family Mediator/Collaborative Family Lawyer/Family Lawyer posted in Family Mediation on Monday, February 26, 2018.

Highly competitive (It’s black – no it’s white, $200 more-no $200 less, you can’t prove it – yes I can).

Highly annoyed.

Highly irritated.

They came to mediate,

Sitting down with perhaps the last person they would otherwise choose.

Courageously, they confronted their demons.

With grim determination and perseverance,

And later with a little respect and even later with a little humour, they worked.

For some unknown reason, they worked together.

And they worked.

Little by little, small successes, and then more.

Words and thoughts less harsh.

Less tension, though still plenty to remind of times past.

They worked.

They left some of their old ways behind,

And took on some new, more respectful and gentler ways.

They found a better way to face the future.

Fighting may have felt easier.

However, they found their way to their agreement in a win-win, respectful way.

They both won as did their children, the silent witnesses to this triumph of their parents.

Children who saw their parents struggle together for a better way where they all could win.

Here’s to you Mom and Dad,

You did it for all of you in the family in this new changed world you fashioned.

More hopeful for the future.

Congratulations – Winners all.

John Goodwin